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16 Sep 14 at 3 pm

x-ray circle three on Flickr.

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x-ray circle three on Flickr.
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Though our roster is scattered throughout the globe, blue thirteen marks the first activation of our Estonian sleeper cell. This two-man unit consists of Threes and Will and Huerequeque, who collaborate on three of the tracks on this C30, which additionally includes one solo track by each artist. 

Noise rock sometimes sounds a little played out to our ears - maybe it’s a side-effect to exposure from all the boutique guitar pedals we’ve been hoarding since 2011 - but there’s been some same old-same old out there for a little bit. In truth, Blue Tapes was kind of formed in-part as an escape hatch from that stuff. The self-indulgence. The testosterone. 

No more. These two Estonian artists have totally rewired our rock brain - their tones are impossible, their rhythms as necessary as waves. This might be the best the genre has got since IIIrd Gatekeeper-era Skullflower! It’s highly individual and seemingly effortless, and the combination of both artists just doubles their (not inconsiderable) firepower. 

This isn’t just heavy for the sake of heavy - it feels like a new kind of psychedelia. One unreliant on wah-wah and noodlesome solos. It’s psychedelic the way a brutalist car park is psychedelic. 

praise for blue thirteen: 

"While the weight of Blue Tapes’ near-flawless roster to date brings with it hefty anticipation beyond that of any other label, these two easily live up to this. Blue Thirteen is restlessly propelled through an ocean of turbulent fuzz by the pair responsible, taking in near-danceable drum patterns, doom-esque guitar squall, and waves of acidic psych-noodling, all shrouded under a coating of concrete-grey lo-fidelity. 

The colour-tinted psychedelic touches to Threes and Will & Huerequeque’s noise thrust open the doors to the astral plane, like the pained ecstasy of an ancient Chinese torture victim, kept conscious by intravenously adminsistered opium. Unlucky for some? Not by any stretch of the imagination.” - The Quietus 

"What an extraordinary release. Blue Tapes continues to unleash the most astonishing stuff on the world. One of the releases of the year." - Mark Whitby, Dandelion Radio 

"These are hymns for urban-grey pyramids. Everywhere you look in the city there are shrines. Though moments of trascendentalism in the urban experience are rare, they can be achieved with a decent pair of headphones and an active imagination. 

The sound in your ears should be built out of the textures of the landscape. Breeze-block guitars. Drums that shuffle like footsteps. 

Kneel before the appropriate icons and offer prayers and tiny bundles of paracetamol and food.” - 20 Jazz Funk Greats 

"Here’s a track that could once and for all unite the solid state amp fetishists with the kraut-heads. Estonian droners Threes and Will & Huerequeque take the repetitive onslaught and bottomless tone of Earth’s approach, extract the palm-muted metal chug, and set it to an acid soaked, monotonous cantor. The oscillating low-end hum of feedback drifts like magma underneath tectonic crust of the track’s guitar squall. The images of its accompanying video seem especially relevant to this summer’s sense of global turbulence. The video shows polychrome-modified recycled footage ranging from World War II bombings to trench warfare and medieval combat. The cyclical progression of these images juxtaposed on the repeating structure of the song suggest a bleak reflection on the unending human tendency toward violence." - Ad Hoc

Immortal Junkies II by FineartPhotoshots on Flickr.